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I hereby acknowledge that the use of Harmony Meadows Tennis & Event Center and any privilege or service incident to its use is undertaken with knowledge of the risk of possible injury.  I hereby accept any and all risk of injury to myself, my guests and family members sustained while using the facilities or involved in any event or activity incident to its use.  This includes any and all travel risk incurred while traveling as a customer of any team established or managed by Harmony Meadows Tennis & Event Center. 


In accepting this risk of injury I understand that I am relieving and will fully indemnify and hold harmless Harmony Meadows Tennis & Event Center and its employees, any of its partners and affiliates, their officers, directors, employees, agents, members and management for and from any and all loss, cost, claims, damages and liabilities for property damage, personal injury or death arising from and connected with the use (whether proper or improper) of the tennis facilities and equipment by the undersigned and/or my family members.  


It is intended that this disclosure shall constitute a good, sufficient and complete defense against action which might be brought by the undersigned or any guest/family member or anyone acting on his/her behalf against any of the above-mentioned entities.  I hereby consent to allow my photo, video or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose.  Every effort will be made to ensure our customers safety.  


My submission of this form indicates that I understand and accept all of this waiver’s provisions and contents.  

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