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Lakeshore Tennis Club, as part of the Legislative grounds is a historical landmark.  Respecting the heritage of the club, and of the sport of tennis, the Board of Directors has outlined the following conditions of membership. By applying and paying for a membership at LTC, you agree that you have read the Rules of Etiquette as stated on our website and agree to abide by the following membership conditions as stated herein, which includes for 2020 season, an agreement to abide by any Covid-19 rules as set out in a separate memo NOTICE.

New Court Lock Combination - 4108

1.0         MEMBERSHIPS:

You acknowledge that memberships, including junior memberships are non-refundable unless extenuating circumstances such as a move out of city, or a serious personal medical condition arise - Covid-19 precautionary closures as may arise is not included unless the BOD deem it appropriate.

For Junior memberships: Saturday morning group lessons are currently not available for this season, although every attempt will be made to provide those lessons, if allowed by public health authorities.

When lessons can be provided, note that it is not the policy of LTC to refund memberships if arrangements and lesson times are not suitable or not provided due to conditions such as weather, and or circumstances which are outside the control of the club.


2.1         All membership contact information regarding members that is shared is to be used expressly for the intent of tennis arrangements, and not to be used for solicitation purposes.  

2.2         No swearing or loud yelling, especially during play of the game and/or in tournaments; members should always be respectful in tone and approach.  

2.3         If a member is offended by someone, please let that person know you have been offended so that person had the opportunity to address and self-correct.  If the offending behavior continues, please walk away, alert the staff and/or board of the incident, date and time.


3.1         Proper tennis attire that includes tennis shoes with non-marking soles and a shirt must be worn at all times on court; as well, shirts are to be worn at all times on club premises and grounds.

3.2         There is to be no smoking or vaping anywhere on club premises or grounds.


4.1         Courts booking is required in order to play. Courts are to be reserved using the electronic court booking system, even if it is not busy or it is off-times.

4.2         Please reserve and register all players on a court, including guests.

4.3         Guests of members should be registered, and fees paid at a cost of $10.00 per day. Guest fees can be paid electronically either through a member account or fee paid online.  

5.4         If you are the last ones playing day or night, please ensure the clubhouse and all gates are locked before leaving. Don’t wait for the last person leaving to lock up ALL the courts - Help out! - and lock up a few courts as you go when you see that the courts are thinning of players.

5.5         Please clean up any of your garbage, lids or such before leaving the court and place in the available trash bins or take it with you. 



Right to respectful and fair treatment, free from any type of harassment.        

Right to safe, clean courts and facilities.

Voting rights for members over the age of 16.

Right to stand for a position on the Board of Directors including President.

Right to participate and play in leagues when health orders (2020) allow.

Right to access ball machines, hoppers, and register for free member clinics when available.



By agreeing to the conditions of membership, you acknowledge that if the terms as outlined above are violated, the board reserves the right to discipline as stated in the bylaws, which may include suspension of club membership and up to termination without refund as determined from the Disciplinary Committee. 

In the event of conflict, either with the club or another member, the Board would expect and make every attempt to work through the conflict while ensuring that every communication is respectful, positive, that all members viewpoints are heard.





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