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I the participant or legal parent/guardian hereby agrees to, or grant permission for my child to participate in Impact Pickleball, LLC, rental sessions and/or events. I understand that sports/athletics are inherently vigorous and involves numerous physical demands and may involve contact and therefore may cause injury. I furthermore certify and understand that I am, or my child is, physically fit in good physical health and able to participate in these events. I understand that all attempts will be made to contact me or my emergency contact; however, in the event that either cannot be reached I hereby authorize the staff and/or trainers of Impact Pickleball, LLC, to secure any and all medical treatments for me or my child. I further authorize any attending physician to render any and all medical care which may be deemed necessary. I do hereby release and forever discharge and agree to indemnify Impact Pickleball, LLC, and their directors, coaches and staff as well as the owners of any fields, facilities and equipment suppliers used, from liability for any personal injury or illness, damage, or loss incurred while participating in Impact Pickleball, LLC, training sessions, rental sessions, and/or events. I understand that I will be financially responsible for any and all damages to Impact Pickleball, LLC, facility and equipment that are determined to be my fault. I have read, understand, and acknowledge the above General Release & Liability Waiver as stated above.

RETENTION OF RIGHTS: I understand and acknowledge that Impact Pickleball, LLC owns and retains all video and photographic rights in connection with the participant's involvement in all programs, camps, and activities conducted by Impact Pickleball, LLC.
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