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COVID-19 Disclosures

During this unprecedented time, we ask all players to observe county regulations and CDC recommendations to wear masks inside the mall, ON AND OFF COURT. Please also keep our noise level down so that everyone else inside the mall is not disturbed. We are still limiting maximum of 6 players each court until further notice.


Waiver: In consideration of his/her sign up of the reservation programs with Arch Badminton Center (CENTER), Participant hereby acknowledges and knowingly and voluntarily assumes any and all risks of personal injury or property damages which might be associated with badminton and pickleball activities. Participant certifies he/she is in good physical condition, sufficient to use the facilities and participate in the program. Participant, on behalf of him/herself, his/her heirs and anyone acting on Participant's behalf, releases, discharges and holds harmless the CENTER and their respective officers, directors, employees and representatives (collectively, Releasees) from and against any and all claims arising, directly or indirectly, in connection with Participant's participation in the program or any event related thereto from any cause whatsoever, regardless of whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees (the Released Claims). Participant, on behalf of him/herself, his/her heirs and anyone acting on Participant's behalf, covenants and agrees not to bring or be a party to any legal action or claim against the Releasees from any reason based on any of the Released Claims.

Other: Participant hereby authorizes any medical assistance or treatment deemed necessary in the event of any injury to Participant while participating in any activity. Participant has appropriate insurance, or, if not, Participant agrees to pay all costs of medical services incurred on his or her behalf.
Participant agrees that CENTER and its designees may use Participant's name, voice, photographs, likenesses, biographies, testimonials and statements, and other identification for any purpose relating to CENTER activities and advertising and publicizing the CENTER and its products and services. Badminton and pickleball camps must be registered on a separate registration form and signed by the parent and/or legal guardian.

By reserving the court(s) or registering for a program/class you agree to CENTER CODE OF CONDUCT. A copy of this can be obtained at the CENTER Office

We ask that you also read out RULES AND REGULATIONS on our website.

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