Pickleball Station

Dear Pickleball Station Customers,
We would like to thank you for your support since we opened our doors in May 2017. We are extremely grateful for all the relationships we’ve made and are proud to have been able to help grow pickleball in the region through Pickleball Station’s programs. It has been a joy for all of us at Pickleball Station to be a part of the region’s pickleball growth.
As many of you may know, Pickleball Station is the smaller sister company to Pickleball Central. Pickleball Central is the world’s largest pickleball company with an almost 15-year history of incredible growth. Due to the continued growth of Pickleball Central, Pickleball Station will be closing, as of March 12, 2020. 
This was not an easy decision. The continued growth of Pickleball Central’s ecommerce business has resulted in the need for additional space to run our administrative, customer care, and warehouse operations. Our Pickleball Station space will be converted to additional warehouse and office space so that we can continue to serve the growing needs of pickleball customers around the world.
Our retail Pro Shop will remain open, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, so you can still visit us in person to purchase paddles and gear.
Our current leagues, which conclude the week of February 24th, will be our final league sessions. The 3.5 Tournament scheduled for February 29th through March 1st, and the 4.0 Tournament scheduled for March 7th & 8th be our final tournaments conducted at the Pickleball Station facility. Drop-in play, lessons and court rentals will conclude at the close of business at 9pm on Thursday, March 12th. 
Refunds will be issued for any pre-payments made for clinics, leagues, lessons and court reservations after March 12th.
Fortunately, the growth of pickleball in our region has led to additional places to play. We are pleased to see this growth and excited to see more opportunities for players in the Puget Sound. We are also actively looking for any opportunities to transfer the Pickleball Station business to a new or existing entity that desires to grow Pickleball Station in a new location. 
As our Pickleball Central ecommerce business continues to grow, so do our staffing needs. We currently have a number of job openings including positions for a Graphic Designer, a Social Media Marketing Specialist, a Warehouse Operations Manager and Customer Service Representatives.  Our current job postings can be found at: www.pickleballcentral.com/PickleballCentral_Jobs_s/252.htm. If you are interested in joining the Pickleball Central team and would like to apply for any of these positions, please email your resume to jobs@pickleballcentral.com. 
We extend our deepest thanks to each one of you for supporting Pickleball Station. We could not have been as successful as we have been without your loyalty. We look forward to seeing you in our Pro Shop and at pickleball events around the region.
David, Edward and Anna
Pickleball Station and Pickleball Central owners




Welcome to Pickleball Station's court reservation and event management system!

To begin, all participants playing in the facility must first create a Court Reserve account. 

A Court Reserve account acts as your electronic agreement to our facilities Liability Waiver and gives you access to 

the facility for Open Play and any other court services you choose to sign up for.

*When you are booking a court reservation all participants must complete their own court reserve account* 


Reservations and clinic price guidelines:

  •  1 Hour Court Reservation: $15 plus tax / per court per hour.
  •  2 Hour Special (done by selecting the 2 HR Special drop down menu): $20 plus tax / per court per hour.
  •  Clinics: $20 plus tax per person.  

 Pickleball Station has a 12 hour cancellation policy for court reservations and clinics for a full refund.

Pickleball Station Hours:

Monday - Friday:          9a-7p

Saturday & Sunday:     9a-5p


Open Play Hours:

Monday               9a-12p, 4p-6p*

Tuesday              9a-12p*, 4p-7p*

Wednesday         9a-12p, 4p-6p

Thursday            9a-12p, 4p-6p

Friday                 9a-12p, 3p-7p

Saturday            9a-12p*, 2p-5p

Sunday              9a-12p*, 2p-5p

*Skill Based Open Play Times. 

**3 Courts Available During AM Open Play Monday-Friday

***Open Play Hours Could Change Due To Events And Facility Rental**


Designated Skill Based Open Play Times.  We will be enforcing Skill Level Open Play.

Beginner Level: 2.5-3.5

Monday          4p-6p

Tuesday         9a-12p

Saturday        9a-12p

Competitive Play

Tuesday         4p-7p

Sunday          9a-12p


Holiday Closure and Reduced Hours


Saturday     February 29th           No Open Play.

Sunday       March 1st                  No Open Play. 

Saturday     March 7th                 No Open Play

Sunday       March 8th                 No Open Play                                                    

Thursday    March 12th               LAST DAY OF PICKLEBALL STATION