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Welcome to The Gallery's Activities Reservation System using Court Reserve.

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  • If you have logged in before but cannot remember your password, click on LOG IN, enter your email address, and then click on Forgot Password?

To register for an activity, click on 'Book a Court' or 'Reserve Court'. Select the date, and then click on the activity.

    Residents who use any of the common areas or amenities in the Gallery are required to complete and submit the

     Common Area Facilities Release Form


    Waitlist: If there is a wait list option on your event, do not hesitate to click it. If one of the current registrants withdraws, the next registrant in the wait list queue will be notified by email.

    Withdraw: If you have registered and find out you cannot participate, please 'Withdraw' so that someone on the wait list can be notified to take your slot.

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    Tip: To see the names of others who are already registered for a given event time slot:

    • If on a computer, click on 'Details'
    • If on a phone or tablet, click on 'Register' or on 'My Events'.

    The Court Reserve System requires separate reservations, and therefore separate email addresses for each person making a reservation. If you do not have a separate email address, please contact Dean Waldfogel to request an account based on a username and not an email address.

    If you experience any difficulty, contact Dean Waldfogel.  Email:    Phone: 949.874.6400

    Stay Safe! Have fun!