Black Acre Tennis Club

Welcome to Black Acre Tennis Club, the only indoor tennis court in historic Woodstock, New York.  We are located at 23 Chimney Road, minutes from the center of the Village of Woodstock.  Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1123, Woodstock, New York 12498.

Court time is available to members on a seasonal or hourly basis.  Hourly court time can be reserved on our web site ( or through our CourtReserve mobile app, available on the App Store for iPhones or on the Android Market.

The 2020-21 indoor season will begin on Monday, September 28, and run for 32 weeks until Sunday, May 9.  Seasonal court time is available at $32 per off-peak hour and $40 per peak hour.  Off-peak hours are weekdays until 5:00 pm; peak hours are weekends and weekdays after 5:00 pm.  Hourly court time may be reserved only through CourtReserve and costs $36 per off-peak hour and $44 per peak hour.  The annual membership fee is $50.  Hourly court time can be reserved beginning on September 8, 2020 for up to 60 days in advance and remains cancellable until seven days before the reserved time.  The club is open from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. during the indoor season.

You must be a member to reserve court time.  On our web site, just click on the tab Create Account at the top of the page.  On the CourtReserve app, click Don't Have An Account? and then enter Black Acre Tennis Club and then click Create Account.

COVID 19 UPDATE.  To maintain as safe an environment as possible and reduce the opportunities for transmission of the coronavirus through interaction among members or with surfaces in the facility, we are implementing the following protocols for admission to Black Acre Tennis Club during the 2020-21 indoor season.

  1. Members must wear masks when entering the facility and continue wearing them until on the tennis court.  It is up to the individual members whether to wear masks during play.  When leaving the court, members should exit through the emergency door and not re-enter the reception area.


  2. Hand sanitizer will be available in the reception area and just inside the door to the court.  Members must use sanitizer before entering the tennis court.


  3. Members should arrive at the facility dressed for playing tennis and should bring all of their belongings with them onto the court.  Nothing should be left in the reception area during play.  The locker rooms will be open only for use of the bathrooms and should be entered only for that purpose.  The saunas will not be operational this season.  Please do not arrive at the Club more than 10 minutes before your scheduled court time.


  4. The kitchen area will also be closed this year.  Members are encouraged to bring their own water bottle or other beverages with them to the court. 


  5. Groups should promptly leave the court at the end of their playing time.  Members awaiting entry to the court should only enter the court when the prior group has left.  The benches and areas at the far corners of the reception area (away from the door to the court) are reserved for players awaiting entry to the court.


  6. Additional seating has been added to the bench area inside the court so that Members can maintain distancing when seated.  Disinfectant wipes will be available on the court near the benches and members should use them to wipe down any bench surfaces that they may have touched.  We will be doing so as well on a regular basis but not as frequently as members are able to in between playing times.


  7. Members are encouraged to follow the USTA guidelines for Playing Tennis Safely (copies are posted throughout the facility).  Note in particular their guidelines for reducing the exchange of tennis balls and maintaining social distancing during play.


  8. Members exhibiting any symptoms associated with the coronavirus should refrain from coming to Black Acre and should continue to do so until receiving a negative test for the virus or quarantining for a minimum of two weeks.   Members must advise the Club if they have tested positive for the coronavirus.


  9. Before playing at Black Acre this season, members must sign and return an acknowledgement of the foregoing protocols and thereby agree to abide by these special Club rules.  The acknowledgement is also an updated version of the Club’s Waiver and Release Form.  Copies of the form are available at the Club or can be requested by emailing  Only Club members will be permitted entry to the facility.  No guests will be allowed during this season.  We believe this is necessary so we can be assured that players have read and agreed to these health protocols.


    After a devastating few months last spring, the New York region was particularly successful in reducing the spread of the coronavirus and it was largely the result of our collective willingness to abide by simple and largely non-intrusive measures such as these.  Nonetheless, cases are on the rise everywhere in the country and must all remain vigilant.  We are hopeful that by implementing these minimal requirements, members will be able to play safely throughout the indoor season.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Please email for further information.