Welcome to PoP


The Pavilion of Pickleball at CBRC


We have worked diligently to create a pickleball club experience that will encourage great play and great community.  By combining the best available technologies for court construction with the best methods for reservations and access, we believe that you will enjoy a one of a kind pickleball experience as we grow a healthy, fun community around this rapidly expanding sport.  We seek a space where you can drop in and always find a game for the player or instruction for the "newby".  Above all, we will practice the first rule of pickleball: HAVE FUN! 

Unique features of the POPTM include:

  • Advanced Facility Features Designed with the Player in Mind:
    • Specialty cushioned courts for playing comfort and endurance
    • High intensity lights for great playing vision
    • Dedicated pickleball nets and lines - no confusion on the lines!
    • 24-hour security to allow safe & controlled access at all hours
  • Advanced Club Reservation and Access Features Considerate of the Members Time:
    • Court Reserve App & Website lets you see and reserve courts/events online
    • Insulated and heated indoor facility - never again miss a game because of the weather
    • OpenPath app allowing secure access 24-hours a day from your phone - no fobs or cards needed!

To enroll today, contact the PoP at 865-690-5700 and ask for pickleball information.