Davisville Tennis Club

Welcome to our Court Reservation and Event Management System, new for 2020! Please see the main public website, www.davisvilletennisclub.com, for full info on the club.


OTA 5.0: If you are here to sign up for the OTA 5.0 Provincial Championship, please use the "Create Account" link above to register in this system. You must then sign up for the free "Member for OTA 5.0 Tournament" membership type. Finally, register and pay for the tournament itself by clicking on the "Events" link. Note, existing Davisville Tennis Club members already have an account in this system and may directly sign up for the event.


IMPORTANT: as per the current Court Booking Rules for DTC, you are expected to limit yourself to TWO (2) future bookings in the system at any one time. i.e. when we say "future", it means that the time slot for the booking has not yet passed. So for example, you have a booking for tomorrow, and another in 3 days. Once the time of the first booking has passed, you are are free to make a new booking. At this time, the system is not able to enforce this rule, but please understand that the court stewards will be monitoring the system for abuse. Please respect this rule, it is there so that hopefully everybody gets a chance to play, even if the courts are busy. And if the courts are not that busy, then you can play a lot more as you can make a new booking as soon as you have played one of your 2 time slots.

If you are an existing Full member for 2020, either returning or new this year, your profile has been copied over from the old Jegy member management system. Therefore, you do not need to create a new profile here, just try to log in via the Log In link above, with the same email you used before, and click on the "Forgot password?" link to have the system mail you a link to reset your password.

This site may also be used to sign up by parents to sign up their children as Junior Weekday Daytime members. Please click the "Create Account" button above to proceed in this respect.

We have now reached capacity on our Adult Weekday Daytime memberships. Therefore these are no longer available, but please check back periodically; there is a chance we may open up more spots later if we find that court utilization is lower than expected.

Click here for a Court Availability Snapshot.