Swansea Tennis Club

Welcome to Swansea Tennis Club's Court Booking and Event Registration System


  • Courts can be booked by members up to three days in advance
  • Half-hour and full-hour bookings will be available
  • Members can each play up to 2 hours per day
    • When one member books, they must also assign their partner(s) to the reservation (one for singles or three others for doubles)
    • This policy is not restricted by prime time hours or other factors, but will be reviewed periodically to ensure that court utilization is not severely imbalanced
  • Advanced view of upcoming programming and events will be possible, as will registration for those events
  • Shoe tags are required to play, so make sure your tag # is in the online booking app and that you are wearing it at the courts
    • Court monitors are now on duty to help ensure the transition away from the sign-up board to online booking is a smooth one
    • The monitors will have access to the current bookings
  • Drop-by tennis will still be accommodated on any unbooked courts
  • The court monitors will facilitate integrating any drop-by members onto available courts
  • The entire system is undermined if members book courts and then do not show-up–triggering others to believe the courts were occupied
    • Please cancel court bookings straight away as soon as you know you will be unable to play for whatever reason
    • Demerit points will be assigned for “no-shows”
    • After a second incident, booking privileges will be rescinded for a period of time (TBD)