New England Racquet Sports

Welcome to New England Racquet Sports!


Reservation Policy:

  • Court availability can be checked online at any time.
  • Courts can be reserved for 1 hour, 1.5-hours or 2 hour time slots.
  • Players are REQUIRED to add ALL participants for each reservation.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Courts reservations and cancellation fees are the responsibility of the person who booked the reservation.
  • We ask that members cancel their court reservation within 24 hours of start time to allow other members to potentially book that court. In the event of no show during playing hours, the person who booked the reservation will be charged the full court fee.

Prime Playing Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 6:00am-1:00pm

How to Reserve an Open Court Time:

1. Click Book Courts at the top of your screen.

2. Select the time section to see availability.

3. Choose the date by using the arrows (top left) or by clicking the date at the top-left portion of the page.

4. Choose by clicking the RESERVE button at that time slot.

5. Complete the reservation form, including whether you would like to reserve spots for you and each family member.

You will get an email confirmation.

6. To reserve a court you must coordinate your own players. Two players for singles, four for doubles.

    How to Cancel a Reservation

    1. Click MY PROFILE at the top-right portion of your screen.

    2. Find the date & time of upcoming reservation you wish to cancel. Click the DETAILS button on the right.

    3. Click the red CANCEL RESERVATION button in the upper left.


    To reserve time, sign-up for clinics, and have full access to Court Reserve in an even easier format, please download the Court Reserve mobile app!


    COVID-19 Precautionary Guidelines

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with the precautionary measures listed below:

    • Masks or face shields must be worn in the fieldhouse at all times when on and off the court until further notice.
    • Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained.
    • Our maximum club capacity is 32 players.
    • Each person must have their own paddle, hand sanitizer, wipes and keep belongings separate from others.
    • You will use your own ball to serve (unless all agree to use the same ball) and no one else is to touch it with their hands.
    • Use your paddle or your feet to return the ball to the server.
    • Clean your ball and your hands after each game with wipes.


    Please feel free to contact our staff at any time to reserve courts, cancel reservations, or ask a question. We are here to help!