UNC Faculty-Staff Recreation Association- The Farm

Welcome to our brand new court management system! We believe this platform will help us continue to improve our operations as well as your membership experience. We look forward to seeing you at The Farm!

Setting up your Court Reserve Account


The primary Farm member of each account should have just now received an email from Court Reserve with a link to the member portal. Click on that link. It will bring you to a page to create a password to link with your email address as username. When the system goes totally live on February 10th, you will be able to disregard your Omnify and Foundation Tennis passwords and usernames.

Once you have created your password, you are officially in the system. You can then access the system online at www.courtreserve.com and logging in or by downloading the Court Reserve app on your phone. We highly recommend downloading the app and becoming familiar with the app interface (very user friendly on your devices).

- You will be asked to set The Farm as your primary club.  After you accept, you can begin to explore the site.

- Go to 'My Account' and look through the auto populated fields to make sure your information is correct.  Make sure information is correct under 'personal information' as well as 'family'.  Please note, the gender field was automatically populated and may be incorrect. The more information you can add to the system, the better.

- The system only provides each primary user a username and password.  Please be sure to edit your spouse's profile to provide login privileges, username and password.

Farm Billing


- We are changing our billing procedures.  All charges during a month will go on the member's account.  We will be sending out a notice around the first of each month.  Members should log in to their account to check on the accuracy of charges.  On the tenth of the month, we will charge the member's credit card or e-check connected to a member's bank account for charges from the previous month..

- Putting a credit card on file through a desktop: Go to 'billing' and then 'payment profiles'.  Next, create a payment profile (credit card, e-check, both).  We ask that you please put in both if possible.  This information is secure and will only be used for all Farm charges and purchases.

- Putting a credit card on file through the app: Go to 'my account' and click on 'payment profiles'. Next, click on 'add new' in the top right corner and enter your card information.  We ask that you please put in both if possible. This information is secure and will only be used for all Farm charges and purchases.

- Farm balances and credits will be applied to member's accounts on Tuesday, February 9th.  Please note: current balances due can be paid on our current system, Bill and Pay. 

- First round of member billing through Court Reserve will be on March 10th.

- We will be using SafeServe, a company that handles over 10,000 merchant accounts nationwide, for our credit, debit, and e-check transactions.


Farm Reservation Policies


- There are three types of reservations that can be booked by members.
            1. Tennis Court Reservation (this includes clay courts, hard courts and pickle ball courts)
            2. Fitness Room Reservations
            3. Swimming Reservations (currently not active in the system)

- Court availability can be checked online at any time.

- Each member may reserve a maximum of 90 minutes per day.
- The booking window to reserve courts opens two days in advance.
            Monday at 7:00 am - all open times for Wednesday become accessible
            Tuesday at 7:00 am - all open times for Thursday become accessible etc...

- An individual member may reserve 1 90-minute reservation per day and a household can reserve 2 separate 90-minute reservation per day total.  Farm staff will monitor members adhere to this policy.

- Guests are allowed and must be listed on the reservation. The guest fee is $5 per guest per visit, no cash accepted. The system will generate a monthly guest report and the club will then charge member accounts the appropriate total.
- The ball machine can be reserved online at any time for any open time slot from 8am to 9pm but is restricted to certain courts.


How to Reserve an Open Court Time:


1. Click Book Courts at the top of your screen and select which type of court you would like to reserve (Clay, Hard or Pickleball).

2. Select the time section to see availability.

3. Choose the date by using the arrows (top left) or by clicking the date at the top-left portion of the page.

4. Choose by clicking the RESERVE button at that time slot.

5. Complete the reservation and you will receive an email confirmation.

6. Fitness Room reservations are made the same way as tennis court reservations with a few changes.

- All fitness room reservations are for one hour time blocks.

- Please make reservation for entire family.  You are allowed one reservation per family per day.


CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO on member Mobile App Training for Reservations and Events


How to Cancel a Reservation:


1. Click MY PROFILE at the top-right portion of your screen.

2. Find the date & time of upcoming reservation you wish to cancel. Click the DETAILS button on the right.

3. Click the red CANCEL RESERVATION button in the upper left.


- If you decide to cancel a reservation, we ask that members cancel their ball machine reservation at least 2 hours in advance of their reservation time.

- We ask that members cancel their court reservation as soon as possible but no later than 10 minutes after court time to allow other members to potentially book that court.


Signing up for Events:


- Events is an all encompassing term for the following: tennis clinics, summer camps, recreational events, family functions, and future pool blocks and fitness classes.

- On the home page, click on 'events'.  From there, you will have events filtered by categories.  We currently have Jr. Tennis Clinics, Summer Camp and Summer Tennis Camp offerings available for sign up.  Once you click on the category you want, scroll through the offerings and choose your preferences.

- Important: Some events have age restrictions in place (i.e. Summer Camps).  You will not be allowed to sign up for events if your child is not the correct age by the date of camp taking place.


What can I do now?


- Please update your member profile, your billing information, and your family members.

- For tennis courts and fitness room time, continue to use Foundation Tennis and Omnify now through February 9th.  However, you can begin using Court Reserve on February 8th to book courts and fitness room times beginning on the 10th.

- You can sign up for tennis clinics and summer camps as early as Monday, February 8th at 10:00 am.

- Please note: Due to Covid safety measures, we will be offering a camp experience similar to last summer.  This will include smaller than normal group sizes.  We will add more camper slots and open up registration if Covid restrictions should be lifted and we find ourselves in a better situation closer to summer.  Currently, all campers are LIMITED TO TWO WEEKS of camp enrollment due to smaller camp sizes this summer.  We will allow more weeks of availability if space remains after members have had their initial opportunity to sign up.  Farm staff will have full discretion to cancel any extra weeks if you sign your child up for more than two weeks.  The current system will allow you to sign up for more than two weeks per child so it is up to you to limit your sign ups.  We will continually monitor the rosters to ensure members adhere to the rules.  Thank you for your understanding.