Emerald Coast Tennis Management

Welcome to Bluewater Bay Tennis Center!

On behalf of the new management team at Bluewater Bay Tennis Center we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new reservation system for social play, clinics, lessons, and events. After reviewing a number of software programs, we have partnered with "CourtReserve" which is a user friendly web-based app used by many private clubs across the country.

We have created a profile for all members in the CourtReserve system. Please be on the lookout for an introductory message that will provide all members with their custom login instructions to their profile. From there you will be able to create your password and can then access the system online at www.courtreserve.com and log in or by downloading the CourtReserve app on your phone.

ECT Management actively encourages all members to start using the system for court reservations. We understand that some would rather call in or send emails and these methods of communications will still be permitted but considering the lag in communications, these forms of communications may not guarantee or spot.

Please read over our reservation and cancellation policies below. These are also listed on our website and behind the front desk.

For a tutorial on using the app, click on the video Here.

We believe that this reservation system will improve communications and allow for easy access to real time court availability. We all appreciate your patience as we work through the inevitable kinks at the beginning and welcome your feedback on the system as we continue to fine-tune our procedures. The system is live right now. Book away!

Should you have any questions please email us!
See you on the courts!



Adam Drysdale and Brett Beattie

Co-Owners of ECT Management




Bluewater Bay Tennis Center Reservation and Cancellation Policies

Reservation Policy:

  • Court availability can be checked online up to 14 days in advance
  • Court reservations can be made 8 days in advance starting at 8pm. For example, if today is Thursday, you would be able to book a reservation tonight (Thursday) at 8pm for the following Friday.
  • Members can only book and appear on one single reservation during concurrent times.
  • Online reservations can be booked no later than 30 minute before the start time
  • Reservations can be booked for a maximum of 2 hours in 30 minute increments
  • Back to back bookings are not allowed. There must be a minimum of 30 minutes between bookings. 
  •  Members are REQUIRED to add ALL participants for each reservation
  • Adult memberships are allocated 4 free guest passes per calendar year
  • If all guest passes have been used, guests will pay a regular non-member fee of $20 per hour.
  • Guests may visit the Tennis club a maximum of six times per year, regardless of whether he of she is the guest of one or more members
  • The ball machine can be reserved online at any time for any open time slot from 8am to 9pm.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the slow process of the clay binding after resurfacing, courts will require additional time to dry after it rains. ECT Management reserves the right to close courts due to excess water making them unplayable. In the case that some courts are playable and others are not, lesson and clinic courts will take priority.  If there are remaining playable courts, the members who booked furthest in advance will get first use of the other playable courts. 



  • We ask that members cancel their ball machine reservation at least 2 hours in advance of their reservation time.
  • If you book a court during morning peak hours and do not show up or cancel at least 12 hours in advance you will be charged a $20 penalty.


We understand that unplanned issues can come up and you may need to cancel a lesson or withdraw from an event. If that happens we respectfully ask for cancellations to be made at least 24 hours in advance. I’ll teaching staff want to be available for your needs and the needs of all of our clients. When a client does not show up for a scheduled lesson or an event or cancels on the day of the event, another client loses the opportunity to play. This has caused us to strictly enforce the policy of charging full price for no-shows and cancellations not made within 24 hours.


We respectfully ask Members, players, and parents do not contact teaching pros about cancellation fees as it is not within their control to refund or void your transactions. 


We appreciate your understanding as we implement these policies, which will enable us to better facilitate your needs as our valued customers.




ECT Management