Crystal Beach Tennis Club

Welcome to CourtReserve!

The reservation and event management system being used by our Club.

COVID Screening Questionnaire








Scan the QR code or click on the URL to complete the questionnaire. 



ALL Members must complete the questionnaire the day of play (before play begins), and every day they play. In addition, any spectators attending younger players must complete the questionnaire.

Any person who fails the screening (i.e., does not get a green checkmark) should not enter the CBTC facility. Any person who begins to feel unwell while at the courts should return home immediately. In either case, you are asked to self-isolate and contact your health care provider or Telehealth Ontario (1-866-797-0000) for further instructions and to find out if you need a COVID-19 test.

Reservation Policy

  1. All Members MUST book courts online and complete the COVID screening questionnaire; you cannot just show up at the courts to play as in previous years. No guests permitted at this time.
  2. The reservation system is available to CBTC Members only. Only Members with an email or username can log in.
  3. Doubles play is now allowed for tennis, and for pickleball for members within the same household. Physical distancing of at least 2m required at all times. 
  4. Courts can be booked up to two days in advance. Sessions are 30 minutes. Players receive a confirmation email once the reservation is accepted, as well as a reminder email 2 hours in advance. Reservations can be changed prior to the start time (e.g., to switch courts or players). Please cancel your booking as soon as you know you are unable to play to free up the session for other members. 
  5. Courts are open 6am to 11pm. Prime time is from 5:30pm to 8:30pm Monday to Friday. Up to 2 days in advance, an individual Member is allowed to pre-book 2 prime time slots per week and Family Members are allowed to pre-book up to 4 prime time slots per week (with each member able to play up to two times). For example, a 30-minute singles session has 2 slots, and each player would use one of their slots. Additional prime time slots can be booked throughout the week within 30 minutes from a reservation start time. A 'week' is from Monday to Sunday. There are currently no restrictions for booking during non-prime time. Note that any restrictions on reservations may be revised at any time, based on membership and court usage.
  6. We ask that you limit your advanced bookings in CourtReserve to 2 back-to-back time slots or 1 hour total. At the end of your first time slot, you can then go online and book an additional time slot if there is a court available. We want to encourage court use but also ensure accessibility to all members.

Court Rules

  1. The password for the gate lock is to be kept strictly confidential to Members only.
  2. All players MUST tag up at the courts. Place membership tags on the tag board on the court you have reserved online. Players who are not tagged up will be asked to confirm their membership status. Players identified as non-members will be asked to leave the court area, and will be encouraged to purchase a CBTC membership.
  3.  Players are expected to be on time for their reservation.
  4. To play beyond your currently reserved session you can book the next time slot as long as there is a court available. If you do not have access to the internet while on the courts, then you may continue playing as long as no other members show up to play who have reserved the court online.
  5. If adjusting the net for Pickleball on court #2, return height of net at its centre to 3 feet (or 0.91 metres) at the end of your session.
  6. Close the gate when entering and leaving the courts. Lock the gate when courts are not in use. Last players on the courts must turn off lights at night and lock gate. Remember to bring your tags home with you at the end of your session.
  7. Please note that the reservation system and usage of courts will be monitored to ensure fair access to the courts. Your cooperation in respecting all procedures in place this season is greatly appreciated.

Booking Instructions

CourtReserve also provides short tutorials for users, if needed:

Member Video - How to Make a Reservation and Register for an Event (~3min)

Mobile App Training for Members - Making Reservations and Signing Up for Events (~4min)

Only Members in the system with an email can book a court (note that emails for each member have to be unique). However, other Members in the system without an email (e.g., children) can still be added to a reservation.

To Book:

  • Click 'Book a Court' on the top right of your screen.
  • Choose a date up to 2 days in advance (use arrows next to date on top left) and choose time by clicking 'Reserve' on the time slot.
  • Complete the reservation form. Start typing the name of the ‘Additional Player(s)’ in the text box and then choose the player from the drop down menu.
  • Click 'Save'

To Edit or Cancel:

  • Only the person who made the reservation can edit or cancel the reservation. Click on the reservation to open the Edit screen, or go to ‘My Profile’ then ‘My Reservations’ on the top right of your screen to revise or cancel your booking.


The Clubhouse washroom is functional, but only accessible when there is a CBTC Exec or Instructor on site. The Clubhouse is available for washroom use or first aid only due to COVID protocols. When entering, remember one person at a time, wear a mask, wash your hands.


All questions regarding the booking of courts should be directed to