Pro Tennis Camp


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  • ABOUT  ||

    • With 2.5 hours of training a day, this camp will provide an exciting opportunity to hammer in muscle memory, see new ways to approach the game both strategically & mentally, and learn more about a chess match at 90 mph you might not know you were even playing

    • October 30th - November 1st | 10-12:30pm

      • 10-10:30am - Off court discussion on strategies, tactics, and mental toughness 

      • 10:30-11:30am - Drills based on the focus of the day

      • 11:30-12:30pm - supervised match play with a focus and/or twist

    • Levels 3.0-4.5  |  Limited Spots Avb  |  *Groups Based on Level  | Discounts Avb - More Info & Sign Up Below

  • FOCUS  ||

    • Strategy & Mental Awareness

      • Strategy subjects include, but not limited to...

        • Know what your opponents will do before they do

        • Having home court advantage, no matter where you play

        • In depth understanding of “No Man’s Land” and how to use it to your advantage both in doubles and singles 

      • Mental subjects include, but not limited to...

        • Why trying and hope have no place on the tennis court, and more importantly, why that’s a good thing

        • Putting logic and context behind words like consistency, aggressiveness, ‘important points’, and why we may be way off in our approach to utilizing them vs them hurting us

        • The “wave lengths of momentum” and how they can dictate that all too common 0-5 comeback/loss